Journal and Portfolio of Michelle Lemay

Hi. Things have changed around here.

I’ve been active on this domain since 2004, when I was using it as a disorganized dumping ground for weird art projects. After that came the blog phase where (in the years before the curated and edited social media presence) I dumped my post-adolescent photos, favourites, and feelings.

While those posts are still up somewhere, they exist for me now. Actually, a lot of what I used to share online is just for me now. I decided I don’t really care for comments, views, likes, the anxiety of strangers seeing things I intended for close friends, or the ability to google my name and see my personal emotional performance of the entire year I was 22.

So what you need to know (or probably already know) is I’m Michelle Lemay, I live in New York City, and I journal in notebooks now so you won’t see what I’m working through but rather what I’m working on.


See you in real life.